Widespread advertising on social networks

Every business needs to be seen to succeed!

What is Extensive Advertising?

The increasing popularity of social networks and the Internet by the people of the world is not hidden from anyone. Therefore, advertising on social networks has become essential for the prosperity of businesses. In addition, the number of online businesses is increasing every day. Online stores are well established in the hearts of the people and the general public is familiar with how to shop online.

Also, social networks such as Instagram have provided the possibility of introducing and selling products and services to more and better people. So despite the reasons mentioned, it is natural that advertising on the Internet and social networks play an important role in the prosperity of businesses.

There are several ways to advertise on social media and we are now introducing extensive advertising. This method of advertising is one of the most effective methods of advertising. In this way, your ads are published in a large number of pages and channels and many audiences see your ads.

Extensive types of ads

1. Instagram post traffic ads
2. Hourly ads for Instagram posts
3. Instagram story ads

1. Advertisements in the last telegram post
2. Advertising in free mail
3. Click ads (for sites only)

Extensive advertising benefits

In fact, if you’re going to advertise, you go to one or more follower pages and talk to them about advertising. In this case, you have to spend a lot of time negotiating with admins, and you will definitely face high costs. But if you choose extensive advertising, with the platform that we offer you, your advertising will be done in a large number of pages and channels. This type of advertising, in addition to costing less than individual advertising, also saves you time.

Widespread advertising on social networks is one of the most popular advertising methods and has many benefits. Because in this type of advertising, depending on the subject of the services you provide or your business, you can determine that your ads will be published only in pages related to the subject of your business. Also in this type of advertising, you can easily view the advertising statistics and watch the advertising process and its efficiency.

Extensive advertising!
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