Programming the mobile app and the web
1-Customer Programming

2 -Applications and Web

SEO Optimization Web site optimization for search engines or SEO is another service of the haves. Website optimization results in a better ranking of the website ranking on the search engine results page, such as Google. The website, as well as its content, should be analyzed in terms of html structure, keywords, proper titles, tags, linking structure and numerous other issues.

Tests and Performance Optimization Another specialized service is providing testing services and optimizing the performance and performance of software systems. Havamaran’s Holding Collection helps you set up your standard test suite and reduce your software maintenance costs.

Ui / ux design In a world where the use of website and application and web services is growing fast, knowing how these systems interact with users is very important. Designing an experience user experience is a precondition for humanity, and leading businesses make an important contribution to the experience they create for their audience. The achievements of brands such as Google, Apple, Nike and many reputable websites testify to this.

Programming and Software Development

Holding Havamaran has experienced many years of experience in the development and development of specialized software, and has gained many honors in this field; HAMAVARAN software developers have a wide range of programming languages under different platforms and other prominent and professional technologies, and always It will offer you the best. The technical consulting area of your company will guide you through the best and least costly way of producing, because Hemavaran is one of the best web design companies and in line with the production of customer order software, some of the capabilities are possible. At the beginning of the project due to Mesa

Android and iOS apps
Android applications use java and kotlin programming languages and Android SDK utilization, and is used in Material Design implementation and design.


IOS (iOS):
The programming languages used are Swift 4+ and Objective C, and using .XCode, and in the context of the implementation and design of the UI of Material Design.


  • Designing, launching, running, operating the first video streaming system CinemaNet: Cinema Net is the first domestic legal display network in Iran, through which users can access the full archive of videos and serials at any time and place. Find videos and favorite shows on your tablet or phone.• Design and launch of the iTote sports surveys and forecasts app. This app is one of the leading surveys and predictions in Iran. The user can participate in surveys and forecasts by installing this app.
    • Footballer’s application: Shoah footballer’s service to realize the dream of championing all athletes who are interested in football and want to enter the exciting world of this sport.
    • Design, launch, run, use the Cooking app: Cooking is the most complete cookware available in the country, providing you with a variety of courses, cakes, sweets, desserts and cooking tricks.
    • Peacock: The peacock app has made it possible for all Iranian users to become aware of the latest news in the form of movies, photos and text on various topics classified in the eight services as follows.
Market and trade religion
Sound and video Sports and Wellness
News and information Knowledge and education
game and fun Culture and Art