Havamaran’s collection aimed at reducing the need for third party in the advertising and digital marketing department has set up its own set of systems, all of the following are in the development phase.

Meeto Social Network

Meeto is a simple way to share your moments. follow your friends and family and share your fascinating moments. You can also follow other users who share photos that are appealing to your taste and enjoy.

At Meeto you can:

Share and keep your favorite photos and videos

Edit the number of photos and videos you want in the Stories section temporarily and edit them with your sentences or design tools.

Send temporary pictures and videos in groups or as a direct message to others

In the Explore section, learn about the events and happenings of the surrounding community and other users.

Seento Video display platform

Seento is a free video sharing service that aims to create a safe and secure environment for sharing video content.

Seento’s distinctive features include:

  • Share advertising revenue with owners and video participants.
  • Having powerful and fast servers.
  • Strong hosting with the provision of services in a stable and fast network.
  • Upload video from address without reducing Internet volume.
  • Create (channel) with the ability to customize the channel.
  • Provides dedicated content in various video genres to users.

You can with your support in this field on the progress of this site stay with us. So please be assured of compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Bilito tourism and ticket sales system

Biilito, the most comprehensive online shopping system

The easiest and fastest way to buy ticket round-the-clock

Buy and refund totally online domestic flight tickets, foreign flights and trains

24-hour support every day

Provide competitive prices along with guaranteed charter tickets

Advanced Search to find the best airline and train tickets

Moozito Music System

An archive of the best music of Iran and the world is at your disposal.
One of the best features of your movie is adjusting the quality of music video playback with your internet speed so that you can watch music video without interruption during playback.
Some features and capabilities of your banana
Ability to search for movies and regular categories
Adjust the quality of music video playback at any internet speed
24-hour support all the time

Moovito movie sales and distribution system


Moovito is an archive of the best movies in Iran and the world including movie, serial, documentary and theatrical movies that are easy to watch.

One of the best features of Moovito is setting the quality of movie and serial playback at your internet speed that you can watch movies without interruption during movie playback.

Some features of Moovito

Ability to search movies and regular categories based on the genre and type of movies

Full movie description, preview, gallery of pictures and parts of the movie by checking the quality of video playback at any internet speed

24hour support everyday

Important activities
Collaboration with celebrities and artists
Iran’s first mobile social network (Stars)

Stars is the first social network of Iranian artists and figures that has officially, with the cooperation and participation of the first, officially established in October 2013, with the aim of establishing direct, bilateral communication between our beloved compatriots inside and outside the country and Iranian figures and celebrities in the field of cinema, theater, sports and music have begun. Due to the unprecedented appreciation of the users of the star app and . . .

Direct communication platform with artists (Starland)

After the successful release of the star app as the first artist’s social network, Starland’s app was designed to establish a close, sincere link between the faces and users. In this context, artists publish their information and events in a video and text post and users can ask their favorite artist to download audio or video files. In this case, the artist sends the audio and video content to the same user in a fully customized way, based on the request of each user.
Designing and implementing targeted campaigns with artists
You define your ad campaign as a user or brand. Artists will see these campaigns and ask for help. Then they create the proper post and publish it under the supervision of the commissar. You can view and manage your campaign’s exact statistics

Production and production of cinematic and television programs

1-Talent Detection and acting education Hamavaran with more than a decade of cultural educational active and the programming for Broadcasting and cinema has managed to take a short but effective step and take a small share in the culture of the country. With the full description of lessons and the use of educational methods from the experience of professors and administrators, we held up the frequent meetings to bring cinema with the best method of the day with respectable students. This means that it is completely practical, practical and tangible and enjoying the perfectly professional educational equipment and making movies and away from the purely theoretical space that naturally will be forgotten after some time. Due to the fact that Hamavaran is a cinema and television producer and is active in the field of filmmaking, there are all technical facilities for making the series and it is used in all the courses.

2- Holding art festivals Hamavaran with more than a decade of continuous activity and using the knowledge of the day and possessing experts and the professional group and organizing a wide network of artists, actors and stage performers and leading experts in the organization of ceremonies in the country With complete facilities has provided a suitable and capable hospital for providing cultural, art and exhibition services and advice throughout the country. The staging and numerous conferences and cultural and artistic events in the country are part of the achievements of the company .

3- Production and investment of cinematic films Hamavaran Co. in order to achieve prospects and fulfillment of the mission strives to become a trusted and leading business partner for investments in cultural and artistic industries and productions. The role of Hamavaran is to identify, design, guide, support, coordinate and manage cultural and artistic investments and provide consulting services in the field of domestic and foreign investment.

4-Producing and publishing music and holding concerts

1-Talent And Singing Training This is a stream to discover talented people in the field of music and singing. Many young people are interested in music, which can not publicize their art and show their talent for certain reasons, such as lack of facilities and lack of media coverage and other limitations. This app is for their support. It is provided by the hosts in which the talents that can not provide their abilities are discovered and processed. Production, advice and publication of musical works

2-Concert Concert Concert In the direction of expanding the culture of professional activity (preferring the relationship between publishing companies with the printers and readers), we are ready to cooperate with all composers, regulators and studios in the field of music. Stay in touch with our experts to get collaborative plans.