Providing content

Content is the most important principle after the production of software that should be considered by webmasters and web site managers. The production of content takes place with a variety of goals, such as information, education, entertainment, advertising, and more. Advertising content is often referred to as “content marketing”. Content marketing is the art of communicating with customers without asking them to buy goods from them. This is a continuous and enduring manner in which information is provided instead of selling products or services. This kind of marketing is done in a smart way followed by a goal, which is to promote business and focus on marketing strategies.

Supply and production of content

 1 Creating Website Content and Social Networks

Hamavaran is one of the first companies to focus on providing and producing quality content for sites. This collection of text, graphics, video and audio content is optimized for customers. Text content can be considered as the first experience of Hamaveran, which, thankfully, has been welcomed by customers since the very beginning. User-friendliness and SEO is one of the most prominent features of the content content of the Hamavaran, which has been tried by experts from the beginning to provide such content. Since Hamavaran managers have no interest in stagnation, they decided to challenge themselves with the support of a variety of content, so that after success, the pleasure of winning them will be doubled. Consequently, the content of graphics, video and audio has been added to their production options so as to attract the audience as much as possible.

A resuming and past widespread content wiki is a document proving this claim. We have covered so many sectors, sports, culture and art, automotive, nutrition, skin and hair, beauty, cooking, commerce, sales, economics … are among the various sections supported by Hamavaran.

Hamavaran team has been able to take solid steps in this field after a series of in-depth analyzes and customer target identification. The most important elements that attract audiences to the content of social media content wikis:
The production of textual content and controversial video that provokes the audience’s curiosity.

  • Load posts at specified times, according to the timetable
    • Diversity in the production of social network content
    • Generate content based on the needs of users of any social network
    • Provide a short and long term scenario for the content of each social network
    • Organizing social media campaigns

2 Generating video content

In the first step, Humavaran designs the strategies and scenarios, taking into account the importance of video content and according to the needs of users and customers, and, in the next step, aligns the user’s requirements with the brand and type of employer’s activity.

3 Production of audio and podcast content

Audio content or podcasting can be seen from other popular content in the electronic space, which has been well received by the audience and users of the Web site since 2004. The procedure for making audio files in the content wiki is similar to the process of producing video content. As a result of the consultation, the team will understand the employer’s needs and submit the completed survey forms to the production and production scenario, so that the audio file can be generated taking into account the set of comments. Podcasts include different types of hosts, depending on the needs and tastes of the employers. With that in mind, literature and a variety of dialects will be used to produce audio files. One of the most common types of podcasts, which is produced on a relatively large scale in Havamaran’s collection, is educational conte

4 Content Counseling and Content Strategies
The main activity of the team is to produce a variety of specialized and quality content in the form of text, photos, video or graphic design information (websites), weblogs, social networks or Internet and print magazines in various fields.

SOCIAL CoRE Content Management System
A content management system designed for applications and the web, with the availability of a large number of capabilities and api, is the perfect place to implement and manage most business needs