Banner Advertising

  • Internet advertising as animated banners on popular sites

This is a very effective way of advertising online for branding, and it has a great feedback if the banner is displayed on reputable websites. You also need to have an accountable strategy for branding, and choose the right time to display the banner, site links, and ad content.
• PPC PPC advertising in banners and text and even video on thousands of websites and mobile apps
Click advertising is one of the newest and most cost-effective online advertising methods in the world. PPC PPC advertising is displayed in banners and text and even video on thousands of websites and mobile apps associated with your business, while you pay only the cost of signing in to the site. In no other way, you can advertise like clickable, targeted, and smart ads, and quickly review the advertising feedback stats.

Consulting and strategy formulation

A marketing plan is a document that summarizes all the findings of the market research team and provides practical guidance for achieving marketing goals. Since the marketing and sales sectors are the heart of today’s organizations, the development of a written and structured marketing plan is of great importance.
If you are introducing a new product or developing your market at the start of a business, Consulting Services and Strategy Development are the best choice for you. Our experienced and expert teams are ready to accompany your brand or business.

Design and planning of promotional campaigns

The campaign, whether advertising or integrated marketing communication, is a complex set of related and coordinated activities. The campaign is designed and implemented in a strategic approach in order to achieve a set of goals and solve a particular problem. The promotional campaign can only be a tool for the cost and loss of company assets if it is measurable and measurable and consistent with the mission of the campaign.
Havamaran, therefore, has been able to achieve this by using his professional, creative and expert forces to provide strategic, strategic, strategic planning and services tailored to the short and long term goals of the customer.